Thinking of Greece with its paradise-like islands, blue and white buildings, turquoise lagoons, Aegean sunsets and delectable Mediterranean cuisine are rustling in our mind... We're looking for a great time to see... However, there is much more to the Greek Islands! The iconic hospitable Greeks make these thousands of islands an excellent historical heritage, a postcard landscape, but above all they make them an excellent destination with very distinct personalities. We offer a variety of islands if you decide to discover the sea side of Greece but don't know where to start!


One of the most mysterious islands in the Egyptian, Karpathos is hardly mentioned in historical texts; archeologists struggle to decipher old and strangely built subterranean rooms. Its wilderness only coincides with its distinctive ethnic culture. Olympos is so far removed from the rest of the island that even at the beginning of the 21st century; women still wear a traditional broken dress.

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion is located in the most southern part of the Attica Peninsula, the site of the ancient Greek temple of the sea God Poseidon. The remains are on the skyline, three sides of the ocean encircled. The place is a famous day trip to Athens for visitors with a sunset across the Aegean Sea from the ruins.


The capital city of the Macedonian region of northern Greece is Thessaloniki, the second largest town in Greece. This town is a cultural capital of Greece thanks to lively festivals, social activities and the exciting nightlife. Comprised of the historic town center and a business district, thessaloniki provides fresh and old attractions to colorful food shops, museums and art galleries from its Byzantine walls, the White Tower and the Turkish baths. The nightlife of Thessaloniki is unparalleled. Thessaloniki provides everything, from tiny tavernas to night clubs and other places. boat rentals greece is safe and easy with Samboat if you wish to visit the most exciting island of Greece. Rent a boat and push start for the adventure.