The rental of a boat is open all year round, only the type of boat to rent depends on the season, the weather on the destination and this ability to drive a boat.

Renting a boat in cold season

We know that in the world, the seasons are not the same, the weather is also different and especially for boat renters, we care more about wind speed. At this time of year, the north wind is a little strong and that's why many destinations are only suitable for ferries. We can talk about Spain, which is a promotional destination, because normally the rental campaign ends in mid-November. The wind is a little strong and the best location at the moment is the sailboat with a mandatory skipper. However, occasional rentals are always available for those who want to spend a weekend by boat. Then, we also have a family cruise with skipper for Greece, Croatia, Corsica. However, you can still rent a catamaran or yacht on the part of Italy, Thailand, the Côte d'Azur, Poland, and the Antilles.

Rent a boat during the year

The occasional rent a boat is always open and all pleasure boat rental platforms between private individuals offers this option. The overall rate for renting a motor boat is 50 euros per person in one day on a 5-passenger boat. If you want to sleep on the boat, you can rent a house boat for 200 euros a day with 8 passengers at most. It is this kind of offer that is in vogue at the moment and moreover the boats available are almost for rent that we will have to book if we want to spend a good weekend at sea.

Otherwise, you can rent a boat to sleep there, but it is in the Côte d'Azur that this business is going well. And you can also rent a barge or yacht to celebrate a family event.